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Social contribution as a corporate citizen

Social contribution activities

Official partner of Japanese Para-Sports Association (JPSA)

日本障がい者スポーツ協会(JPSA) オフィシャルパートナー

Under its management philosophy of “creating a harmonious living environment through housing products and services that satisfy the needs of all age groups and lifestyles,” the Daikyo Group strives to develop housing that nurtures bonds between families and residents. To this end, we concluded an agreement to become an official partner of the Japanese Para-Sports Association (JPSA), reflecting our desire to help JPSA realize a “society in which everyone can enjoy the value of sports” and a “vibrant, symbiotic society.” Seeking to build a harmonious society that fosters bonds between people, we will work with the JPSA to support sports for the disabled through dissemination and promotion activities.

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Private-sector teacher training


The Keizai Koho Center (KKC) conducts private-sector teacher training in order to deepen understanding about the mindset behind corporate activities and corporate human resource development initiatives. The KKC hopes that teachers will draw on this experience in such areas as children’s education and school management. Agreeing with this idea, the Daikyo Group conducted a private-sector teacher training sessions in 2016, with 8 participants from elementary and junior high schools in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
The themes of our training sessions were “changes that reflect society” and “improving customer and employee satisfaction levels.” At the sessions, we conveyed specific Daikyo Group initiatives, including our experience in the condominium management business, and participants learned the importance of creating frameworks and fostering cultures that reflect the voices of customers and employees.

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Selling baked goods in-house


Since 2008, we have regularly held in-house sales of cookies, pound cakes, and other baked goods made by intellectually challenged people.
Proceeds support the activities of Palette, a nonprofit organization that runs the Okashiya Palette workshop.

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Supporting efforts to protect women and children


We gather PET bottle caps in-house which the Cap-no-Chokinbako Promotion Network then put toward raising money for vaccines for children in developing countries. We also collect used postage stamps for the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning, which safeguards the lives of women worldwide during pregnancy and childbirth.

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Activities to foster the next generation

Hosting student visits


The Group fosters students’ interest in and awareness of its products and services exposing them to potential future occupations.

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Office open-house for employees’ kids


We hold open-house days for employees’ children during their summer holidays to help them better understand their parents’ work and begin thinking about their own future careers.

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