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Frequently Asked Questions

About stock

QWhere are Daikyo’s shares listed?

The Company is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

QWhat is Daikyo’s securities code?

It is 8840.

QWhat is the recent trend in Daikyo’s stock price?

Please click on the Stock Price Information.

QWho is the manager of the register of shareholder?

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
7-10-11 Higashisuna, Koto-ku,
Tokyo, 137-8081, Japan

QWhat is the minimum number of shares allowed per trade?


QHow much stock is issued?

Please refer to General Stock Information.

QHow many shareholders does Daikyo have, and who are major shareholders?

Please refer to General Stock Information.

QPlease tell me about Daikyo’s dividends.

Please refer to Dividends.

QDoes Daikyo offer a preferential program for shareholders?


QWhen is Daikyo’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders?

The end of June.

QWhen is the record date for determining dividends?

March 31. The record date for interim dividends is September 30.

Performance and Financial Position

QWhat is Daikyo’s fiscal year-end date?

March 31.

QPlease tell me about Daikyo’s past performance and financial indicators.

Please refer to Financial Highlights, Segment Results.

QWhere can I find information on Daikyo’s performance forecasts?

Please refer to Financial Results under the Financial Reports and Publications.

QPlease tell me about Daikyo’s latest management policy.

The Daikyo Group’s medium-term management plan, entitled “Make NEW VALUE 2021,” covers the period from fiscal 2016 (ended March 2017) through fiscal 2020 (ending March 2021). For details, please refer to Corporate Vision/Medium-term Management Plan.

Other questions

QWhen was Daikyo established?

December 11, 1964. For details, please refer to Corporate Data.

QWhat are Daikyo’s main businesses?

Please refer to Our Businesses.

QPlease tell me about Daikyo's corporate governance.

Please refer to Corporate Governance.

QWhat kind of CSR activities to Daikyo pursues?

Please refer to Sustainability.