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Daikyo Group History

  • 1960
  • 1980
  • 2000
1960 Established Daikyo Shoji Incorporated
1964 Established Daikyo Kanko Incorporated (now DAIKYO INCORPORATED)
1968 Launched condominium sales
photoLaunched first Lions Mansion
1969 photoEstablished Daikyo Kanri Incorporated (now DAIKYO ASTAGE INCORPORATED) as a company specializing in condominium management
1975 photoIntroduced auto-lock main entrance and brick-tile exterior
1978 Achieved top position as industry leader in condominium units supplied (4,289 units), remaining No. 1 for 29 consecutive years
1979 Established Jutaku Ryutsu Center to launch real estate distribution and brokerage operations
1982 photoListed on Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (moved to First Section in 1984)

Advertisement at time of listing

1984 Developed and deployed LIONSONLINE-GUARD (L.O.G System), the industry’s first centralized condominium management system
Engineering department set up at Daikyo Kanri Incorporated (now DAIKYO ASTAGE INCORPORATED). Comprehensive large-scale condominium repairs and maintenance started
1987 photoDaikyo Kanko Incorporated renamed DAIKYO INCORPORATED

Public announcement on change of company name

1988 Established Daikyo Jutaku Ryutsu Incorporated (now DAIKYO ANABUKI REAL ESTATE INCORPORATED)
Completed 1,000th building in Lions Mansion series
Set up condominium management industry’s first training center
1998 photoCompleted construction of Elsa Tower 55, a 55-floor condominium skyscraper, the nation’s tallest such structure at the time
Became biggest condominium management company for first time (with 231,286 units under management)
1999 photoCompleted 5,000th building in Lions Mansion series LIONS Villaggio 5000 launched
2000 Following the introduction of the Housing Performance Labeling System, became the first in the industry to receive the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s house design performance evaluation
2003 photoLaunched Forest Lake Hibarigaoka, the first private sector-built condominium complex in Japan to receive official approval as an environment-friendly housing project
2004 Became first in the industry to manage more than 300,000 condominiums
2005 Formed capital alliance with ORIX Corporation
2006 photoEstablished DAIKYO L . DESIGN INCORPORATED (now DAIKYO REFORM . DESIGN INCORPORATED to sell interior decor and remodeling services
2007 photoThe Lions Ueno no Mori, the 6,000th Lions mansion building, launched
2008 J.COMS (later merged with DAIKYO ASTAGE INCORPORATED), a condominium management firm, joined the Group
Real estate brokerage and consulting firm Asset Wave Incorporated (now DAIKYO ANABUKI REAL ESTATE INCORPORATED) joined the Group
2009 Building and condominium management firm ORIX Facilities Corporation joined the Group
2011 photoInaugurated ALION TERRACE series of detached houses
Became first in the industry to manage more than 400,000 condominiums
2012 photoStarted selling Renoα-brand of renovated condominiums
2013 Condominium construction and comprehensive real estate services company Daikyo Anabuki Construction Inc. joined the Group
Completed 8,000th condominium building
2014 Condominium renovation specialist DAIKYO CONSTRUCTION INCORPORATED started comprehensive and large-scale repairs and maintenance (merged with and absorbed Anabuki Construction Inc. and established a construction firm, DAIKYO ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION INCORPORATED in 2015)
Became first in Japan to manage more than 500,000 condominiums
Established Daikyo Australia Pty Ltd
Established Daikyo Hongkong Limited
photoCelebrated Daikyo Group’s 50th anniversary in December
2015 Repair and maintenance company SHUKEN INCORPORATED joined the Group
2018 ANABUKI LIFE SUPPORT INC., a joint venture company in the nursing care business, was established by ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION INC. and CARE STATION INC.